Healthwatch City of London Bulletin 48

Read all of the latest information on the COVID booster and flu vaccination campaigns across the City from our webinar.
Flu vaccination

COVID Booster and Flu jab webinar

Thank you to all those of you attended our COVID booster and flu jab webinar to update you on the programmes across the City.  We are grateful to our panel, Dr Sandra Husbands, Director of Public Health, City of London & London Borough of Hackney, Dr Mark Rickets, C&H Chair NEL CCG and Clinical Lead Primary Care - NEL CCG & Health and Care Partnership and Dr Chuan Chor, GP at the Neaman Practice.

The information they provided was bang up to date and gave clarity about how the Covid booster and flu jabs will be rolled out across the City.

We’ll be publishing detailed notes from the event which will be available on our website over the next couple of days, but in the meantime the key points to note are:

COVID Booster jab

  • The COVID booster jab will be offered to the same cohorts who received the COVID vaccination initially before it was rolled out to all adults, so this includes people over 50, care home residents, health and social care workers, and those aged 16 to 49 years with severely weakened immune systems.
  • The date to commence roll out is 22nd September
  • Booster jabs will be available at the hospital hubs at Barts and the Homerton hospitals and the vaccination centres
  • If eligible you will receive and invitation to obtain the booster
  • In the City of London, you will be offered the Pfizer jab, although if you do have an allergy to this you will be offered an alternative

Flu vaccinations

  • The flu jab this year will be offered to everyone over 50 years, children aged 2 – 15, pregnant women, residential home residents, all Health and Social care workers and those in the clinical risk categories.
  • At present the Neaman Practice is expecting delivery of the vaccine on 25th September so will commence the programme on 27th September. Please note that these dates are subject to change as there are supply chain problems with delivery. We will keep you updated.
  • The Neaman Practice will run two clinics a day, which you can pre book once you receive your invitation. After the initial two weeks of roll out you will be able to walk in for the vaccine. They also plan to run a Saturday clinic.
  • School age children will receive their vaccination via a nasal spray in their education setting.
  • Pre school age should attend the surgery.
  • Dr Chor was keen to emphasise that if you wish to obtain your vaccine at a pharmacy, please do so.

Public Health

  • The City and the Country is currently experiencing a surge in COVID cases, although most people are not becoming as ill as before due to the vaccination programme, the virus infections rates are still very high.
  • The government has published its Autumn and Winter Plan to help the NHS cope with demand and to control the virus.
  • Dr Husbands urged us all to continue to take precautionary measures. Wash your hands regularly, wear face masks, avoid crowded spaces and keep a distance when meeting people.   Th importance of good ventilation was also emphasised
  • The government is currently undertaking consultation regarding the compulsory vaccine of health and social care staff.  If you have a carer coming in your home, you are within your rights to ask if they have had the vaccine. If a carer comes to your home, you should ensure you wear sufficient protective equipment i.e., facemasks.

COVID vaccinations uptake

Comparative to the rest of the Country take up of the vaccination is low within the City of London. City and Hackney public health team are working on delivering more pop-up clinics across the City and especially in the Portsoken area. They have also approached businesses in the City to provide space for pop up clinics.

First dose vaccinations for 12 – 15-year-olds

The government announced this week that young people aged 12 to 15 will soon be offered a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Parents and guardians will get a letter with information about when the vaccine will be offered.

Most children will be given their vaccine at school.

Some children are being offered 2 doses of the vaccine if either:

  • they live with someone who is more likely to get infections (such as someone who has HIV, has had a transplant or is having certain treatments for cancer, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis)
  • they have a condition that means they're at high risk from COVID-19

Conditions that mean your child may be at high risk and can get vaccinated are:

  • a severe problem with the brain or nerves, such as cerebral palsy
  • Down's syndrome
  • severe or multiple learning disabilities (or they're on the learning disability register)
  • a condition that means they're more likely to get infections (such as some genetic conditions or types of cancer)

If your child is eligible for 2 doses of the vaccine, you'll be contacted by a local NHS service such as their GP surgery to arrange their appointments.

Pop up vaccination clinics

You can attend a local vaccination pop-up clinic by walking in or calling 020 8356 3111 to confirm your appointment.

Community groups across the City and Hackney are running pop-up walk-in clinics for those 18+ who need their first dose and those who need their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

  • 18 September 11am-3pm, Clissold Park, Near Clissold Park House, N16 9HJ

Children and young people aged 12 to 17

People aged 16 and 17, and children aged 12 to 15 who are eligible, will be contacted by a local NHS service such as a GP surgery to book their vaccination appointments.

Some walk-in COVID-19 vaccination sites are offering the vaccine to people aged 16 and 17. Nearest sites available for walk in vaccinations for 16+ are:

  • Counting House at Guy's Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9RT. Opening times 8am – 7pm
  • St Thomas Hospital, Gassiot House at Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7EH. Opening times 8am – 7pm
  • Canonbury Primary School, 124 Canonbury Road, London, N1 2UT. Opening times 3pm – 7pm.

Please check the NHS website for venues and opening times. Please note that most sites only offer walk in appointments to over 18s. 

Neaman Practice Patient Participation Group

The Neaman Practice is holding its next Patient Participation Group Meeting on Monday 20th September 2021 between 2.00pm -3:00pm.

All patients are welcome, they are particularly keen to recruit new members to join the group from all diverse backgrounds and communities.

The meeting is your opportunity to let the Practice know how they can improve their service for you and how you perceive their surgery and staff. Have your say in how they manage their service.

Click here to join the meeting

Help for Afghan refugees

We have had several enquiries about helping Afghan refugees who have recently arrived in the City. At present the Corporation is working with statutory services, specialist voluntary sector groups and the local faith communities to provide immediate help and support. Beyond this, there is not a need for additional donations or volunteers at this stage. You can however donate to support the work of these organisations using this link

Or you can search for volunteering opportunities in Greater London which is being coordinated by City Hall.

Help and support for newly arrived Afghans: volunteering opportunities | London City Hall

As soon as we know more about local activities, we will let you know.

Therapeutic Support for Carers in the City of London

Tavistock Relationships has launched a free therapeutic support for carers and their partners in the City of London from its newly appointed City Wellbeing Centre in London EC1.

From the beginning of September 2021, Tavistock Relationships will be inviting referrals from organisations within the City of London who identify carers that they feel could benefit from the therapeutic support being offered both in person and remotely via webcam. The therapeutic support is designed for individual carers as well as for carers and their partners together.

A range of services are available:

A series of therapeutic sessions for individual carers

A series of therapeutic sessions for individual carers and their partners together

Group therapy for carers on their own and/or for carers and their partners 

How to apply

Given that the services on offer are funded by a small grant from the City of London Corporation, places are limited. If you are interested speak to local carer support services or City Adult Social Services so that a referral can be made on your behalf.

Please see the flyer below for more information.

Carers flyer Tavistock Relationships

Healthwatch City of London events

Annual Public Meeting

In early November we will be holding our Annual Public meeting which is an opportunity or you to find out more from those who deliver our services. We are lining up some exciting speakers and we’ll publish the details as soon as they are confirmed, so watch this space!


Later in the year we will also be welcoming the team from the East London Cardiovascular Prevention programme to talk about their work across East London and how you can prevent and improve your cardiovascular health. We’ll be announcing details soon, so please check on our website.

We are pleased to announce the next dates for our regular events for ‘Listening to City Carers’ and our Mental Health and Wellbeing focus groups. They are as follows:

Listening to City Carers

Overview: An opportunity for Carer’s to provide feedback on their experience of Health and Social Care.

Date: Friday 24th September

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 876 9239 6586 Passcode: 989869

Mental Health and Wellbeing focus group

Overview: The event is open to everyone and we will be discussing mental health provision in the City of London, identifying access issues and any gaps in the services provided to you. We will be joined by colleagues from MIND, East London Foundation Trust and City Connections.

Date: Thursday 30th September

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 852 8564 3247 Passcode: 864990

Listening to City Carers

Overview: An opportunity for Carer’s to provide feedback on their experience of Health and Social Care.

Date: Friday 22nd October

Time: 11am – 12noon

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 858 2384 0940 Passcode: 855067

Mental Health and Wellbeing focus group

Overview: The event is open to everyone and we will be discussing mental health provision in the City of London, identifying access issues and any gaps in the services provided to you. We will be joined by colleagues from MIND, East London Foundation Trust and City Connections.

Date: Thursday 18th November

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 824 0070 3243 Passcode: 390856

Listening to City Carers

Overview: An opportunity for Carer’s to provide feedback on their experience of Health and Social Care.

Date: Friday 26th November

Time: 2pm – 3pm

Link to join:

Meeting ID: 818 9776 2127 Passcode: 575751

Commitment to Carers programme lunch and learn webinar

The NHS England Commitment to Carers team would like to invite all carers to a lunch and learn webinar on Wednesday 22nd September 2021, 3.00- 4.00pm.  

This is the first in a series of bi-monthly lunch and learn webinars aiming to bring together carers and professionals from across the country in an informal atmosphere to collaborate, learn and drive the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan commitment to carers.  

n-compass will showcase its online digital support platform ‘The Carers Community Network’ as part of its innovative support offer for carers.  They are one of the leading providers of specialist support services for carers in the North of England. They wish to share their blended approach of face to face support and a digital online offer to ensure Carers always get the support of their choice. 

To register your interest or if you have any questions please email:

Old Street Roundabout and impact on access to the Homerton Hospital

We’ve had numerous contacts from residents concerned about the additional time it now takes to reach Homerton Hospital following the development of the Old Street roundabout. The traffic flow of the roundabout was changed to reduce pollution and support Covid distancing. However, we have had reports that it can now take over an hour to reach Homerton due to the new set up.

If you’ve experienced any delays, or would like to voice your concerns please contact us on

Latest Covid-19 statistics for the City of London

The joint City and Hackney Public Health Intelligence Team produce regular statistics on Covid-19 levels and vaccination uptake data in the City. The site is updated regularly and accessible at   

Keep up to date with the latest advice

HWCoL are constantly updating our advice and information pages. Please make sure you visit them regularly.

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