We are asking for your views on our business plan

Healthwatch City of London (HWCoL) are seeking your views on our business plan, which is a document setting out our charity’s future objectives and the strategies for achieving them.  
London City

This our first business plan covering the remaining period of our contract to run Healthwatch services for the City of London. The plan is now open for your views and thoughts, to help us identify any gaps and to refine our plan so that we are able to respond to issued identified by our community.

Our plan explains how we intend to ensure that the voices of our residents, workers and students are at the centre of decisions made about their Health and Social Care.  Whilst HWCoL have a number of contractual obligations and statutory requirements to meet, we have not lost sight of our key objective – to work for the people of the City of London. The plan identifies the local issues we will be working on over the remainder of the contract period.

We want to hear your views on our plan, if you think anything is missing and if the plan resonates with you.

This survey will run from Friday 2nd October 2020 for two weeks, until Friday 16th October 2020. 

Download the business plan here

You can access the survey to give your feedback here

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