City of London Corporation - Advice for Residents

If you live in the Square Mile, are self-isolating and require help, please let us know by emailing the COVID-19 mailbox or by calling 020 7606 3030. Please note, you can email us on behalf of someone else (with their consent).
Women reading advice and information leaflet by advice stand

The mailbox is treated with confidentiality.

Please send your or theirs (if you are sending on someone else’s behalf):

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • date of birth
  • date self-isolation began
  • and let us know if you or they have any concerns or special requirements.

Please indicate if you are happy for your contact details to be shared with local voluntary and community groups who may be able to support you.

Get Government help if you are vulnerable

If you have received a text/ letter from the NHS that you are in the “extremely vulnerable” group, or if you are vulnerable, please register to receive government support services.

The good people of the Barbican Estate have been very, very busy setting up a Mutual Assistance support network. Neighbours in each block have shared contact numbers and leafleted to reach out to those self-isolating. There is also a central volunteer phone you can call for help if you can’t reach your neighbours:
For more information please use the Volunteer Phone number - 07376 068137