Dental Service access during Coronavirus

In response to COVID-19, dental services have had to drastically change the way they work. Today we have launched a survey to find out how you managed to access dental services during the pandemic.
dentist wearing a mask

Most dentists closed from April to September with dental care being provided either remotely with analgesia and antibiotics or through Urgent Dental Care Centres (available by referral from your dentist or NHS 111).

Since September, most dentists in the City of London will now have opened to existing patients.

We're keen to hear about your experiences of accessing dentistry during this time so that we can understand how provision in the City of London is meeting needs.

The responses that you provide will be treated anonymously and will help us understand the state of care locally and drive improvements where necessary during this period.

Please take the time to complete the survey, you can access the link below 

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