Stay up to date - weekly bulletins

Read our weekly updates to stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 information

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Stay up to date - monthly newsletters

Read our latest newsletters and stay up to date with the important local information about COVID-19

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Information you can trust

We recommend you get information from reliable sources such as the Government website

City of London Corporation website

Stay up to date with information from the City of London's COVID-19 advice pages, including information about the vaccine, advice for residents and vulnerable residents together with support, education and service updates.

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Community champions logo

City and Hackney Public Health Community Champions Programme

Their website is full of resources and information about the latest public health and COVID-19 guidance which you can share with your local communities, family and friends.

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Woman stood in a built up area

The joint City and Hackney Public Health Intelligence Team

The team produce regular statistics on COVID-19 levels in the City. They break down the cases, enabling residents to see the wider picture of infection rates. 

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