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Your spotlight on local services

Summer of listening and outreach planned


Healthwatch City of London is planning a busy summer of listening and outreach with City residents.

We are urging local people and community organisations to get in touch so we can arrange visits during July and August.

Our summer outreach will aim to find out what really matters to City residents and workers when it comes to health, care and wellbeing services.

We are particularly keen to hear what’s working well and what needs to improve.

If you’d like us to visit your community group or organisation or want to get more involved with our work please email info@healthwatchcityoflondon.org.uk

If you are an individual who wants to share your views and feedback, please call us on 020 7923 8358.

This work will culminate in a big Healthwatch City of London listening event for City residents in late September.

Feedback from our summer outreach will help the City of London Healthwatch board develop their priorities and work plan for the rest of 2018-19.

Since assuming responsibility for the Healthwatch City of London contract in April 2018, our staff have been linking up with and listening to local people and organisations including:

  • Parents of disabled children
  • Golden Lane Estate carers
  • People at the Dragon Café mental health drop-in
  • Corporation of London commissioners

We have also collected feedback from local people at events including the:

  • City-wide residents' meeting
  • Aldgate Square Festival

And we continue to work closely City residents who are already representatives on:

  • Our People’s Feedback Panel
  • City and Hackney integrated commissioning work streams
  • Neighbourhoods patient panel





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