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Could you be an Associate Board Member?


We are seeking people interested in becoming an Associate Board Member for Healthwatch City of London.

Associate Board Members (ABMs) are a network of committed volunteers who wish to become active in shaping health and social care services but are not required to give the full commitment of board members.

Each associate will focus on a specific area of interest, effectively becoming experts in that particular subject. Subject areas could include, for example, young people, mental health or homlessness.

Using more informal and focused approaches, we anticipate our Associate Board Members will be able to engage a wider and more diverse group of people to participate in the work of Healthwatch City of London

Drawn where possible, but not exclusively, from the local communities, they will support Healthwatch City of London to fulfil its statutory obligations.  

ABMs are not full board members so carry none of the requirement to hold Healthwatch Hackney to account for the delivery of services or the City of London to account the planning and commissioning of services to the people of the City of London.

Find out more and apply here.





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