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Brain Injury Survey from Barts NHS Health Trust


Brain injury survey from Barts NHS Health Trust – A Message from the Trust:

Every year thousands of people lives are changed forever after sustaining a head injury. At present we have many imaging techniques to look at the brain after an injury has occurred which enables us to know that something has happened. However, a vast amount of information is missing and we don’t yet understand what is happening to the brain on a microscopic or cellular level. We would like to research this by taking tiny samples from the brain in people who have sustained a head injury and test them in a laboratory to try and analyse the effects these injuries have on people.

We hope that by doing this research we will be able to find a way of helping improve the outcome in people with severe head injuries, and identify specific investigations that can help predict their outcome.
We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete a short online survey, letting us know your views on the proposed procedures. The survey is completely anonymous. Your views will help us to define what is acceptable to patients and the public and will be used to shape our research protocol.


Closing date: Friday 23rd February 2018



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