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Barts Health Trust workshop


Barts Health Trust workshop

There are still places for the SUB30 pilot study workshop next Tuesday (2nd May) – full detail are given in the event brite link below. Barts Health Trust are looking to find as many patients and members of the public as possible, who would be interested in helping design the study below.  

The SUB30 pilot study 

Last year in London the ambulance service attempted to revive 4,655 patients whose heart had stopped. Only 9% of these patients survived to get home. People died either because it was not possible to restart their heart or because whilst their hearts were stopped the rest of their vital organs did not get enough blood and the oxygen that it carries.

An artificial heart and lung (or ECMO) machine may buy the person more time by supplying their vital organs with blood and oxygen whilst they are moved to a hospital where the common underlying heart problem could be fixed. No one has proven that this helps more patients survive with a good quality of life.

Barts Trust plan to test whether they can achieve ECMO support within 30 minutes with six patients initially. This will do be a research study to learn as much as possible about the process. This will help create a future study in to look at how much it may benefit patients. Studies like these can help to change the way the NHS delivers care to patients.

We need YOUR help!

Barts Trust need help from patients and their friends, family or carers to help us design the study. You are therefore invited to a patient and public involvement workshop, where ECMO and the study will be explained. You will be asked to share your thoughts about what it would mean to you or someone close to you to be involved in such a study and on how the design of the study can be improved.

Reasonable travel costs to and from the venue will be paid and light refreshments provided. Afterwards Barts will  give you a short tour of the facility and maybe reveal some interesting facts about the old and new of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

To register your place: https://sub30pilotstudy.eventbrite.co.uk


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